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Day Trading Stocks - NEW School

With Your - Master Day Trading Coach


Stop Losing Thousands a Trade

Start Winning Thousands a Trade


John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach


End big Money Losing – Start Big Money Winning


John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach


Day Trading Stock, NEW School




Hi, this is John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach -

Welcome to our Client Website.





The day Trading WEALTH Learning Program

“It’s A Game Changer”


  • A revolution – in stock day trading,

  • To Quickly regain confidence & competence,

  • Gain day trading Powerdominate the markets,

  • Get big money results – wealth building results.

  • “A transformation in short term stock trading”

  • Regain your potential to Earn thousands a day trade,

  • Income potential – hundreds of thousands a year,

  • In control - absent the overwhelm and resulting distress,

  • With my Innovative, Breakthrough, Proprietary - Day trading SYSTEMS



End Losing - Thousands a Trade,

Start Winning - Thousands a Trade.



Learn to Dominate the stock markets:

  • With a fresh, powerful day trader Perspective,

  • Applying transformed (Winner) day trading Strategies,

  • Become a World-Class, highly Competitive Day Trader,

  • With your own Master Day Trading Coach,

  • New, simple yet cutting edge day trading Systems - so simple, so challenging, so profitable.


So power packed – for Big Money Winning results.



The Day Trading Stocks Gamehas Changed

Have You?



What Do Day Traders Really Hate?

Financial Pain and Suffering.



What do Daytraders really Need & Want?


- pure and simple -

Consistently Profitable Winning


- then -

Wealth Building Winning



The day Trading Wealth learning program is truly a game changer for troubled traders.

The DTWLP is a game changer for all investors and traders – to shift:

from Big Money Losing

to consistently profitable Winning,

then Big Money Winning (thus, Wealth Building Winning).

John McLaughlin – Master day trading Coach – $300K+ a Year Income Potential – Develop your day trader Career / Business - Day Trading Stocks, NEW School.

My Consulting (strategy – shift your game from Losing to Winning) and Coaching (develop your – confidence, competence, for big money performance results) – to help you change your day trading game, to have the income potential to change every aspect of your life, dramatically and forever.

 The fact is, there’s never been a better time for you to leverage the day trading secrets you’ll discover in this New, cutting-edge Trading WEALTH learning program.



Day Stock Trading – NEW School

More Wins = Financial Independence = Wealth Building



End Big Money Losing,

Start Big Money Winning !


The Trading Wealth learning program, your learning program, is the most comprehensive, cutting-edge intraday trading breakthrough in day trading services since the beginning of electronic trading, allowing a home-based, pattern day trader to profitably compete with the best traders in the world – building a Lucrative Career and very Profitable Business.

I’m talking about your big money potential, as my special client.

Together, we will cover every aspect of daytrading imaginable and beyond, enabling you to become a wealth building winner in just 6 months or less, and yes, for some, longer – change happens differently for each daytrader.

Mentally separate yourself from the money, while trading; forget about that getting rich quick overnight nonsense; and break loose from how long it will take for you to produce results.

Stop thinking like a loser. Start thinking like a winner.

Practice, patience, authenticity are the winner’s virtues. Your opportunity – a very successful career and business, with CEO-like income – not about another hobby, not another trip to Las Vegas.

Never day trading stocks without a serious, committed, powerful relationship with your master day trading coach, just like tennis, just like golf.



The Games we play…”Game Theory”:

My purpose for talking with you right now about game theory is to help you begin to shift from being a so-so trader or a losing trader, to becoming a consistently profitable winning trader, in the game of day trading stock.

Everything we do – relationships, work, life – can be viewed as a game we play. All games have a point for play (usually winning), rules, a beginning, and an end.

The game perspective for day trading stocks works like this:

  • You have a Purpose or Point for playing the game – Big Money Winning,
  • There’s a Direction or overriding Goal - become a Winner,
  • We have – a Beginning & there is an End,
  • There are RulesTactics,
  • You play Fair or you do not – you have or you lack Integrity, Authenticity,
  • You Win and you Lose.

That’s the big picture for all games – simple to see, as you already know this. It’s no different than playing any sport – however my NEW Day Trading Stocks Game, soon your game, is all about developing Big Money Winners.



For Success in this NEW Game you need:

  • Adequate Capital - buying power, computer, software and my fees,
  • You never trade without your Coach (just like world-class tennis, golf),
  • Trust both in yourself and in me, plus I need to trust you,
  • Passion, Commitment, and Patience.

Day trader success is not about finding new day trading tips from the talking heads or the so-called gurus. That’s all obsolete garbage that at best will keep you busy, likely you will piss through your capital like a drunken sailor in town. All that old school crap will just keep throwing at you to make money, as you keep busy learning how to do one thing better – big money losing.

Your trading power comes in a mood of calm, trading competently and intuitively – like learning to drive a car across the country, multitasking, dealing with distractions, yet effortlessly, fun actually – again, intuitively.

Your power to win is all about being in real opportunities to trade – in just the right trade set up, at the right moment.

That’s what clients hire me for.



Your Future – Stocks Day Trading, NEW School


What solutions, what value do I have to offer you in your situation of financial vulnerability?

  • First, you can end Big Money Losing, once and for all?

(That is, unless you decide to play cowboy, day trading on your own.)

  • Second, I’ll help you clearly see why you lose (so much, so fast),

  • then how to end the hoping, the boredom and the financial bleeding, end the emotional suffering.

  • Then, I’ll help you shift most of what you (and 98% of all the other losing traders) think and do while day stock trading – to jump start you straight toward that 2% winners circle.

So you can execute trades extremely competitively and profitably - empowered you with my real-time day trade calls, in our winner’s stock trading room, so you too can shift your trading performance – from losing thousands a day to winning thousands a day.

All you need to learn to do well is execute trades – NEW school, NEW game – with your master day trader coach by your side, every step of the way.

No pre-market and post-market research, no digging for setups pre-market, no noise, no distress, no more “picks for the day”, and certainly not another indicator – just execute trades, based on my calls, NEW school.

You will do this mentally at first, clumsily perhaps. To eliminate the money risks, you will be trading on simulator software at first, not trading real cash for a while, to allow yourself to learn the new software, then learn how to execute trades new school – using the powerful trading software.

That’s it. Execute Trades – Simple, yes?

As practice, confidence, and competence progresses, I will then show you and you will naturally learn how to do everything I do for big money winning, wealth building winning – nothing missing. Oh, you’ll need to “scan” for opportunities, and do “charting“, just like I do all day – we’ll talk about all that, once you become a client.

But, there is a caveat – like any business opportunity, like any service provider (doctor, attorney, consultant, and this day trading coach) there are no performance guarantees, as each traders learns at different rates, some refuse to learn (change), while others lack the capital, passion, and / or commitment to become winners. If that sounds like you, this learning program, the opportunity may be for you. In that case, I wish you well and thank you for your time visiting our day traders website.

For those who continue reading, success will require that you to muster all the passion, commitment, patience, and determination to first learn to lose, yes, learn to lose, and then learn to win (more than you lose), then BAM, you become a consistently profitable (confident, competent, and intuitive) winner – moving toward being a wealth building winner - with an earning potential of hundreds of thousands a year, millions over your life time, as we continue to day trade stock together with other winners.

It’s challenging and enlivening, for sure – and it will take time and patience for you to gain and sustain wealth building winning results.


John showed me just how much the markets and stock market day trading have changed

and why I needed to change to get big money results.”

Christopher Anthony


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Again, welcome to this Day Trading Services Blog and congratulation on trusting me to help you on your path to big money winning.


Author: John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trading Stocks – Master Day Trading Coach





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