Becoming a Day Trader

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Becoming a Day Trader - Day Trading Stocks NEW SCHOOL. End big money Losing, Displace that with Big Money Winning with this master day trading Coach.

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Becoming a Day Trader – NEW SCHOOL


How to Become a Day Trader

What a day trader Needs for starters?

  • Financial Resources – adequate risk, learning, and start-up Capital,

  • Commitment and Passion – to become a consistently profitable winner,

  • Change – to shift from a loser’s to a winner’s day trading game,

  • Day Trading Patience– with yourself, your performance, your coach.


What Losers need

Becoming a day trader Winner?

  • Confidence – the courage, discipline, and determination to win,

  • Competence – displace loser’s with winner’s perspective & habits,

  • Career Results – lucrative, fulfilling, and feeling alive,

  • Business Results – lasting, very profitable results – day trading stocks,

  • Day Trading Coach – to bring all that together for wealth building.


Becoming a Day Trader

The Ideal Stock Trading Candidate?

  • Adequate Capital – risk, career development, and start-up capital

  • Dissatisfied – bored, status quo day trade results – losing

  • Lost – lacks intraday trading confidence, competence, self esteem

  • Commitment & Passion – to become a consistently profitable winner

  • Seeks Wealth – lasting financial day trader independence

  • Wants to make Real Money, nowthousands each trading day

  • Willing to Pay for Value– to day trade and win with high profit winners

Your 3 Day Trader Success Factors?

  1. Your day trader ability (to do anything well in your life, particularly day trading, is to be free of negative stress — free of financial worries, and the accompanying thoughts of scarcity).

  2. Your day trading ability to succeed is the day trading system you use and how well you learn to play that game — no longer on your own, but with your stock coach.

  3. Your potential day trading success is your capacity to trade well, which is exactly what we offer – Trading WEALTH – for each day trader to soon have big money day trading performance results.


Reasons for Losing?

  • Inadequate Risk Capital

  • Focused on the Money (vs. Winning)

  • Trading on your own without a Coach

  • Loser’s day trading System / Game

  • Unaware – a winner’s game even exists

  • Denial – ignoring the new stock trading realities

  • Stock trading Arrogance + Incompetence (lacks trustself, coach, trade execution)

  • Loser’s attitude – impatient, know it all

  • Lacks control – emotions, stock trades execution

  • Lacks Confidence – trading game, performance results

  • Hoping – day trading in a pervasive mood of hope

  • Don’t take care of themselves – health, relationships, energy

  • Low self-esteem – ongoing negative thinking, self doubt

  • Lack balance in life – self (nutrition, health), family, fun

  • Computer — ISP feed, PC Latency

  • Software – latency, information overload, noise

  • Monitors — inappropriate screen setup, more noise

  • Ergonomics — energy & attention draining environment

Other Day Trader – Distractions

Of the losing factors above, losers have no idea that their day trading game – stock trading strategy, stock trading system they have relied on since they started trading – is killing them.

The day trading game has changed, radically changed, nearly every aspect of day trading has changed to the disadvantage of 98% of all traders world-wide.

The Day Trading Game has Changed

So have We and

So can You!


Losing traders never stop learning how to lose by reading and rereading obsolete trading books, attend old-school trading courses and traveling to trading expos — filling their heads with everything they need to know about what? (You guessed it again, losing.)

Losers soon get very good at what they know best – Losing. That’s all about becoming a day trader loser – OLD School Day Trader.

Day Trader – Arrogance

The mood of arrogance, a combination of pretending to know and protecting what they know, can short circuit your getting what you want out of your life.

Arrogance, attempting to be right a lot, is at the source of all losing.

Arrogance is at the source of all failed businesses, failed relationships, and losing in all kinds of sports games – especially the stock trading game.

So how can I learn to trade well?

Losers need to head this wake-up call before they blow up emotionally, blow out financially, or both.

This is your call to corrective action— it’s now your decision to continue losing or finally get help to shift from losing to winning.

Losers need to be willing to learn to trade all over again – to ever be able to win with a sense of freedom and control, stock trading humility, and the complete absence of fear and self doubt – like kids learning how to play very challenging computer games.

As you know, most kids are fearless. They have little to no bias, virtually no expectations (well, other than the expectation of winning) – just a mood of wonder, commitment, and endless passion to win.

So, like children playing in the sand box or playing new computer games, with complete focus is on learning to win, stock traders can learn the new stock trading game with our help.

They say kids have lots to learn from their elders. Well, when it comes to learning to trade well, we have a lot to learn from all the playful, innovative, passionate kids — their way of learning.

You’ll see.

So, losing traders need to learn to trade all over again— trading a game that’s at least winnable, not the one they know only perpetuates losing.

We have that new game, the winner’s game, and the Trading POWER Learning program for want-to-be winners to quickly shift from losing to winning, then consistently & profitably winning.

“Are you suggesting I need to change?”

You got it.

“Why haven’t I heard about all this before?”

Here are some possible reasons:

  • You weren’t ready, or you weren’t listening, or both

  • Virtually no real winners will tell you about their trade secrets

  • Arrogance – not open, the very weakness that cripples your trading


Lacking Trust is at the Core of Losing

Again, 3 crucial elements for trust:

  • Sincerity – authentic relationships

  • Competence – gaining competence, then mastery with a coach

  • Performance results – winning, consistently winning


Winning requires the opposite – gaining competence for intuitive, effective stock trades execution, learning to lose, learning to win, then consistently win – and the profits will come rolling in.

Shift from Losing to Winning

Losers continue to trade in a funk – vulnerable and, frankly, extremely gullible about competing with traders who out to trick them into losing.

From Mental Edge, a (Terra Nova Financial Group Company) an article titled “Motivating Thought by Michael Shopshire, PhD—there is a quote of interest about losing:

Our greatest glory is not falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


The more a trader falls, the longer it takes to get up and eventually they just quit, beaten and stripped of their hard earned money and esteem.

In his interview in Market Wizards, Dr Van Tharp describes the characteristics of a losing trader: “The composite profile of a losing trader would be someone who in highly stressed and has little protection from stress, has a negative outlook in life and expects the worst, has a lot of conflict in his/her personality, and blames others when things go wrong.

Losers go on playing their old school trading game, applying obsolete rules, unwilling to change anything about their losing stock trading game – perspective, thinking, habits.

You can only change your negative day trader distress and your lack of trading control by changing both your attitude and then just about your entire trading game – both of which you have not been able to do on your own, nor will you ever be able to do, in my judgment, on your own – every winning day trader needs a master coach, becoming a day trader champion.

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