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John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach - Helping Day Traders earn Hundreds of Thousands a year - Day Trading Stocks, New School. The Game has Changed, have you?

“John, your friendship and wisdom has truly been a blessing to me and my family.

I am forever indebted to you.”      Jim Wilson

John McLaughlin,

Master Day Trading Coach 



Bio – My Story

John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Master Day Trading Coach


Hi, this is John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach – welcome to our client website.


Master Day Trading Coach

John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach


Like you, I love trading stocks;

it’s my passion.

Consulting and coaching gives me my sense

of purpose and meaning – in Serving all

troubled stock day traders:

[ending Big Money Losing, displacing that “crap”

with Big Money Winning].



A bit of History + Your Opportunity:

John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach

I started day trading stocks back in 2001, making what I thought for a beginner was reasonably good money from the get go. I learned to love trading stocks more than any prior career (mortgage banking, real estate appraising, executive consulting, and business strategy consulting).

But, during 2002, I lost hundreds of thousands, day trading stocks.

Through arrogance (mainly trying to forecast stock prices) I became what I call – a Big Money Loser. You’ll hear me say, now and then – arrogance kills.

I stopped trading. I was forced to, as I became an emotional train wreck – I was an angry “monster” to be around, my friends would say.

Free of trading, free of losing, but still observing the markets, almost immediately, I discovered why I lost so much, so fast.

I then set out to completely redesign my trading game – dramatically shifting from old-school (Everything I spent thousands on to learn to be the best, I found was obsolete. Nearly all of it no longer worked for money making – back then and now.) – shifting to new-school (eliminating 80% of the information, ending, once and for all, big money losing, ending the distress and the accompanying suffering, both emotional and financial).

Shifting my day trading perspective, changing the rules, transforming day trading strategies, day trading systems – moving from old-school to new-school – restored my sense of control, thus my confidence, and my overriding strategy and results for Big Money Winning.

This new approach to day trade stocks offset my weaknesses, what I was blind to – restoring my ability for winning again, then big money winning became my new norm.

Like CEOs, like world-class athletes – I was then, and now, immersed, focused, and compelled, to Win.

That’s all that matters (aside from the skill of keeping the losses to a minimum) –– Winning.

So that’s a brief snippet of how I found my new calling – and what’s available for you.

I love to trade stocks.

I love big money winning.

And, I’ve learned to love helping clients change their trading (their lives) for the better, forever – Winning.

Call me to talk about your game – and how to become a big money winner




Bio: Here’s the Short Version:

Youth: mostly survival, no father, great mother, housing projects:

Nutrition – mostly peanut butter & jelly, pasta + school lunches

First Job – Newspaper delivery + push cart sales

• “Go-fer” – fruit and vegetable deliver to homes by truck

Laborer / Hood Rubber (machinery – sneaker manufacturing)


Teens + Twenties: getting by, “making ends meet”

• Short-order cook – meats and fish (grill, fry, oven)

Student – Northeaster University, Electrical Engineer (dropout)

U.S. Naval Air Force – anti-submarine warfare

Raytheon – research and development, rocket systems


Family Man: paying the mortgage, no vacations; finally Big Money + Travel

Mortgage Banker – residential, commercial, industrial real estate

Real Estate Consultant – insurance companies, nation wide

Executive Consultant – technology companies

Business Strategy Development Consultant / Coach

Medical Practice Developer – medical oncology


After Retirement – 15 years ago, I moved to California

• New CareerDay Trading Stocks (a fluke – after watching some hot shot trader on TV – I ordered day trading set of videos – like money you’ve invested in your day trading career – 75% of the content was garbage, useless),

Winner, then Loser (big money loser – I lost over $300K in less than a year),

then I figured out why I lost so much money so fast,

  • Day Trading Coach – then, I invented a New Way of Day Trading Stocks – to be a Winner again (for clients to End Big Money Losing Start Big Money Winning).



In the beginning, I Consulted + Coached friends for Free – giving away, some of my Consulting / Coaching Approaches for then to enjoy great winning results.

Friends convinced me to end the give away’s. I did.

I then began to deliver day trading Consulting + Coaching for a Fee, and to this day – I’ve been privileged to help “beaten and battered” traders – shift from Big Money LOSING, to Big Money WINNING.

I love what I do – changing one day trader life at a time, for the better, forever.

Many clients tell me, for them it’s been “a game changer” – “a life changer” – you see, when you learn to be a big money winner, day trading stocks, all that expertise can carry forward from trading success to Explode the Value of who you are with others (for either or both – day trading or relationship results – let me caution you – don’t try this on your own, work with a master day trading coach, relationship coach) – to transform, for the better, forever:

1. Your Day Trading Results,

2. Your Relationship Success,

3. Your Life.

Learning to day trade, relate, with me – we can change your Life  – for the better, forever.

So, in a nutshell, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, just like you.

All this has allowed me to discover my Meaning in Life, thus my sense of career Purpose: simply put, I love Serving others like you – to achieve your short and long term dreams for day trading results.

What do you think about your opportunity of working with me?

Call me, for your Free Consultation – to determine if you are qualified to be a winner and what it will take for you to become a big money winner – 949-218-4114.



I’ve learned more about how to day trade stocks for a living from you John in the last 20 minutes

than I have in the last 20 months. Priceless!

Richard Connors



Like you, day trading stocks is my passion – giving me my sense of purpose and meaning in serving others traders?


Hi, this is John McLaughlin, Stock Coach – master Day Trader (Day Trading Stocks) – Consultant / Coach.

I’ve been an executive consultant / coach for over 20 years, trader coach for over 10 years.

My first taste of money happened in the Roxbury section of Boston, selling Sunday papers from a push cart to Jewish folk outside their favorite deli – man, were they great tippers.

In my teens and early 20s, I’ve was a laborer, a factory worker, a short order cook in a fancy Florida restaurant (I can smell the fish and steaks on the grill as I write), a military stint (Navy – Air Force), then Northeastern University (Electrical Engineering major – drop-out), then Raytheon aerospace, defense systems testing.

At the invitation of a neighbor, bank President, I engaged mortgage banking for a few years. With too many senior managers under the age of 45 competing to prevent my advancement, I decided to venture into private practice helping corporate clients address real estate issues as a real estate appraiser / consultant. They called me 2% McLaughlin for my market value opinions. As a teacher helping others progress in the real estate business, I was a Realtor, Director and President with the local chapters of 3 nation-wide appraisal organizations.

I then, after a 5 year learning program with other consulting/coaching students around the country, shifted work from dealing with real estate to business management issues – empowering senior high tech executives (starting with the CEO) in their relationships, work, and business development.

I later partnered with a McKinsey business strategy development consultant – guiding senior managers, thus their companies – for optimal relationship development, work and business effectiveness and profitability.

Working closely together, we helped our clients dramatically improve their presence, empowering them with vision, strategy, and trust to energize careers to dramatically advance their businesses – allowing both to come alive with fresh and very rewarding personal, professional, and financial possibilities and results.



Day Trading Coach – Day Trading Stocks – New-school:

Since retirement, my focus is now on helping troubled day traders. The challenge – shift from losing to consistently profitable winning, becoming wealth building millionaires – day trading stocks.

Like most peoples lives, my trading story has had its ups and downs.

As a stocks day trader, I’ve paid my dues – read all the day trading books, took all the courses, attended trading expos around the country – I  drip with knowledge, strategies, systems, and a bucket full of indicators that did one thing – drained me of resources.

During the “Tech Bubble”, my early trading experience was fun and profitable – I made about $60K in just a few months and began to think I was invincible in my new career of day trading stocks.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I started to lose more than I won, then big money losing, then down and dirty, anger and distress filled day trading stocks – as I pissed through several hundred thousand in less than a year.

Naive and enormously arrogant back then (and somewhat now – it’s human nature, both), but enormously passionate and fully committed to making it big in the stock day trading business, I got (what I tell new clients, and with you) – brutally beaten financially, and continuously battered emotionally.

I got whacked by the markets and, then in anger, became my own worst enemy.

I was so emotionally distraught (not at all a nice person to be around, as it turned out), I often thought I was going to have some sort of a heart attack, often picturing myself, with palpitations, collapsing on my keyboard – so I quit.

I had to quit, I thought – to save my brain, more so, than to stop draining my net worth.

Almost immediately, I discovered how and why I was getting me ass kicked and just as quickly set out to invent a way to win.

With this revelation, with the new day trading secrets (missing from all the books and day trader educational programs you have available today) I revealed to myself a magic-like, yet simple answer for successful stock day trading – just by watching the stock markets, not trading, I designed day trading strategies and day trading systems to change my day trading game from that played by jerks to a game for masters, champions – wealth builders.

First I ended the possibility of any big money losses.

That safety feature alone got my trading juices flowing again. Can you imaging not losing thousands a trade ever again? Wow, what relief – a burst of confidence emerged in my thinking.

Then I used what I learned about losing and winning to design a day trading system matched with a day trading strategy that allowed big money winning – virtually bullet-proof systems and strategies that worked from the get go and serve me and my clients (who trade with me as their trading coach in our day trading room) to this very day.



Day Trading Coach – this Day Trader and his Clients


We Love Winning!

We love Consistently Profitable Winning.

We love Wealth Building Winning!


Day Trading Services:

There are two aspects of my being a consultant / coach that turn me on, giving me a sense of fulfillment, like never before:

First, advising unqualified clients to stop trading, absolutely give up any idea of getting their pot of trading gold, until they are qualified.

What a gift. What do you think the average Joe saves in wasted resources, gains in peace of mind, heading my advice to quit till ready? Priceless. I wish I had that advice earlier back then.

And, for that advice, I don’t charge a dime – totally free. That’s my way of giving back, preventing the pervasive dread and drain of misguided trading. They love getting it and I love doing it.

Callers melt with trust and gratefulness, thanking me over and over for setting them straight – preventing 10s of thousands, even 100s of thousands (like me) of wasted energy and capital, that most really can’t afford to lose in their particular stage of life.

Nearly every prospective client closes our conversation telling me they will refer others and will surely be back, when ready.

My second charge is giving clients exactly what they need to win – day trading stocks – absent the noise, killing the distractions, ridding them of the sense of distress and overwhelm they’ve grown accustomed to as losers.

Troubled investors, swing traders, and day traders, who come my way to fix things, to end the suffering, to stop the big money losing, to finally have the power for big money winning, feel like they have just entered the pearly gates to day traders’ heaven.



Day Trading Coach: A New Day Trader Career

So, I retired over a decade ago.

I found retirement boring, so I took up day trading NASDAQ stocks, on a whim, after watching an ad on TV by this hot-shot trader – Waxie, from Trend Trade. (Not sure who might be more arrogant – me or him.)

Like other career development activities over the years, I did the research, found the best teachers to learn to be really good at what I was going to do to be a success in my new career as a day trader – day trading stocks.

I was certain the investment of my time and resources would pay off.

Before I started trading with cash, as I said, I read many trading books, took several expensive trading courses, attended seminars, joined trading rooms, and studied – then paper traded with a simulator.

Paper trading felt great and I was soon doing very well.

After messing with computer problems and learning the software, I took the plunge – day trading stocks with cash.

In the beginning, I was confident, aggressive, and surprisingly moody, experiencing both highs and lows.  I had my share of wins and losses, putting up with losses, as I was convinced that, with a little more experience and luck, I would do OK – I would become profitable.

I began to take losses, at times big losses. I became more cautious, not sure of myself, the stock markets, and the stocks I watched and traded – and, I would fill my new trading pot with gold.

Now I was far from sure this business of day trading was going to work out as planned.

I became skeptical of the system, my knowledge and skills in this area, my approach, and my ability to ever trade stocks well.

As a beginner, I enjoyed early periods of winning, and then quickly got disappointed with break even results. Then, surprisingly, not according to plan, that’s for sure, I was losing more than winning.

I was trading as a consistent loser – too emotional, too skeptical, and unsure of what to do next to make this work. I was taking many losses, huge losses. I paid for the trading rooms, the picks for the day services, you name it, I bought it.

Maybe trading stocks was not for me, I would frequently think?

I continued trading and got much better at losing, trying anything new and different I read and heard about, always to figure out why I was losing, hoping to discover a way to win. It was frustrating as hell.

Emotionally, I would get so upset with myself and the stock markets that by the end of the trading day I was exhausted, felt what it was like to be a loser for hours then days, not what I was at all used to in my life. I’ve had my share of setbacks but not as prolonged and depressing as this.

I went on losing much more than winning, all the while determined to win somehow. I applied everything I learned from the experts. I kept reading, took more courses, yet I continued to lose.

I got so far behind that my only thoughts were to just get the money back – forget about making money – just get even. That didn’t happen either, as I was a confused, emotional basket case.

Day trading turned out to be too much for me to take physically, emotionally, and especially financially.

I wasn’t making any progress, rather I could see that my trading was too emotionally charged and many times I traded recklessly—causing my losses and stress to mount.

Much of the day I was pushing adrenalin, ranting on about how “they” were doing it to me again, and I recall having nervous twitching of sorts and both tension and pain in my chest and the back of my neck.

This is not good for me, I thought frequently.

Time to take a break before I’m broken, I eventually said to myself.

I stopped trading.



Day Trading Coach – A Day Trader Wake-up Call

I didn’t give up the idea of becoming a successful day trader, mind you; but I had to put an end to my personal and financial suffering – step back to look at the source of losing, to be able to focus on my weaknesses, what the markets and stocks were doing to me, in search for solutions.

I switched hats.

Off with my loser’s hat, on with my tried and true winner’s (consultant) hat. I consulted myself. Why not? It worked for almost everyone else and consulted and coached.

First, I set out to understand why I was losing so often and what it was going to take to make money again.

I observed the stock markets and stock price movements, free of all the trading tension, peacefully and objectively, in search for understanding – in hopes for some sort of bridging the gap or breakthrough – I knew, from long experience with executive clients, how to do very well.

After a few days, I began to notice certain price movements that occurred with major markets and price swings, repetitively and consistently. I would ask over and over – “what’s really going on”?

It was strange, in a sense, that the source of the movement was completely inconsistent from what I had learned about trading in all the books and courses I paid for.


In an instant, I began to see the source of all my losing, the source of all trader’ losing. I’m talking about over 98%, I learned over time, of all the traders in any market, world-wide.

I could clearly see what was really going on now.

My trading game, the one all the experts continue to feed us to this very day, the one I invested a chunk of my life and resources in, didn’t work in the past, wasn’t working for me before I stopped trading, and, get this, would never work.

I could see what I was blind to and what caused me to get so upset about while trading/losing – resulting in all the big money losing.

I now knew who really controlled the stock markets and individual stock prices – and who was completely out of touch and out of control – me – and the rest of the crowd of losers I blindly traded with.

I figured out what caused me and all the other losing traders – the crowd – to lose so much was obvious and simple. But it was nothing close to what I had been told by the experts or what I anticipated.

Along with revealing the source of losing, I discovered, after a great deal of thought, exactly what I needed to do – what it would take to win again.

At that moment the day, the Trading WEALTH learning program was born.



Day Trading Coach – this Day TraderLearning to Win

About my perceived day trading weaknesses, more so, my vulnerabilities (beyond my control), I knew I had to wake up to change:

  • What’s really going on?
  • Invent a way to deal with what I can do and cannot do to win,
  • Maneuver with whatever the market gives me to be a winner, again.

So, I needed to think differently, plan and strategize differently, and execute trades altogether differently.

I had to reinvent myself and my day trading system for trading to become a winner again.

I had to reinvent my entire day trading stocks game, if I wanted to win:

  • Me, professionally – perspective, thinking, habits
  • My Health – attitude, mood, stress, and so on
  • My Game (system) – purpose, rules, when to trade & not trade
  • My Strategy & Tactics – get on the winner’s track, plus winning trade execution

“Why (you might ask) did you go through all this?”

Any consultant, with just a bit of smarts, will tell you that a business in trouble competitively, a professional athlete who is no longer competitive, for example, anyone in any business who cannot compete profitably, must take a break – to look at every single element/aspect of what they are up to, both the internal and external aspects, to your get your business/career on a winning/profitable track again – business strategy development, day trading stocks business strategy development.

Doing otherwise you get more of the same – disappointment, boredom, losing – or you are driven out of business, out of your mind. Seriously – I’ve had traders come to me for help, after recovering from blowing out both their accounts and their minds.

Losing traders, be they bored, break even, or financially bleeding traders, like I was, must stop, take a break, then reevaluate everything about their business (otherwise commonly known as their game), internally and externally, to get at the root of whatever may be at the source of losing – to bridge the gaps to winning – not on your own, by the way, no – you need outside help, and for traders there is nowhere to turn.


Based on my observations and conversations, no one on the internet is qualified to either consult or coach traders – new school. Until now.

Many call themselves coaches; what they do, at best is teach old-school useless crap. None are really qualified; most are just selling products, courses, indicators, and book – as teachers/authors, not real consultants (winning strategy) or coaches (learning to win).

None, that I have ever discovered anyway, consult – get traders on a winning track (they don’t even talk about winning), and none really know how to consult – being a change agent for traders, helping traders develop all 3 business success factors:

  1. Confidence,
  2. Competence, and
  3. Performance Results.

That’s not all all what they are up to. Ask them. You are likely to get a quick change of subject.

They will teach you or mentor you just fine – but you’ve had enough of that. You know, it doesn’t work.

You need to get into the winners game and develop day trading stocks mastery.

But, how, you might ask? How will you shift from Losing to Winning? How can you shift from trouble to freedom – financially and emotionally?

With outside expertise – you need to ask for the right help, not more of the same.

Not possible on your own.

How do I know? How can I make such a bold, arrogant claim? Because you haven’t – and you really don’t have a hope or a prayer that you ever will. Be honest with yourself – do you?

Every losing trader needs this outside help to reveal what’s missing and what needs to be provided (change) or implemented (learned) to ever have a chance to be successful and profitable trading stocks (for that matter, trading any of the unlimited range of financial instruments, no matter the time frame).

So what do day trader losers need to look at and who do they need to help them transform and develop themselves personally and professionally as winners?

A qualified consultant/coach, a master trader coach – to get on a winning day trading track and then master the game for wealth building in as short a time as possible.

How do losers find a powerful, winning, profitable trading coach – to have a winner’s game, to become a big money winner?

That’s your problem – for me to help you solve.

Until now, until I came on the scene, this consultant / coach never existed – doesn’t exist except right here.

By the way, should you now be thinking of trying this on your own, unless you’ve been at this consulting / coaching game for as long as I have, I wouldn’t suggest it. That would be like doing your own surgery.

Think long and hard once again. Winning is all about learning and learning does not occur, now will it ever occur, on your own.

You disagree?

That’s OK, visit me again sometime soon, when you have a lot less money and sanity – then ask for me to help you take care of yourself, with what’s left.

To make a long story short, I invented a way to win, for you to win, that I will share with you when you call.



A Troubled Day Trader – Learning to Consistently Win

There’s a new day trading game in town.

A new trading game that, once mastered, helped this day trader, and can now quickly help all losers like you, quickly learn to become winners, then consistently profitable winners, then wealth building winners.

Learning this new day trading game doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it take years to learn to trade well, as the experts will tell you.

No I’m about to share a new career opportunity that when engaged fully and authentically, in just months, not years, losers can become very profitable winners.

Learning to be a winner takes just a few months, for some just weeks, depending on their risk and stress tolerance, risk capital, and the willingness to learn – change.

That’s the good news.

Learning to win is simple in context, yet challenging in practice – as it requires displacing the old loser’s trading game with a simplified, POWER packed winner’s game.

Displacing the unlimited old-school rules and habits – the execution skills losers use with a few effective, new school winner rules, tools, and secrets.

You gradually displace the noise/chatter with a focus on only what matters to win – innovative, intuitive winning.

My day Trading WEALTH Learning program is a unique day trading approach that focuses only on what it takes to win. You end prolonged distress, eliminate most research, and cut through the noise.

Nice added benefits, don’t you think?

Talk about value – imagine having that kind of control, making outrageous money, expending a fraction of your usual trading time and energy, in the process of day trading stocks.

The trading Games has Changed

So have We and

So can YOU.



The Trading WEALTH Learning program


Our new day trading game and the services  provided allows you to dramatically shift from dissatisfaction, and for many, both dread and then anger as they experience big money losing.

To have the confidence, soon the competence, and then the wealth building power – Results – to develop a lucrative career, with CEO-like income your potential prize.



Your Day Trading Coach – Day Trading Advisor

Bio – John McLaughlin, StockCoach – Day Trader (Day Trading Stocks) – Consultant / Coach

Real Success is all about Networking, mutual Value is all about Relating, your sense of Purpose and Meaning is all about Serving” – quoting myself, I’m here to serve you in your journey, our journey in learning for wealth building.


Your Trading WEALTH Learning Program is a game changer, your game changer – no longer will you be putting up with ho-hum income, break-even results, or  burning through your net worth blowing out account after account.

That all history now. We will be working together for you to become a consistently profitable Winner, then a Wealth building Winner.

Our day trading Goal$1 to 3 wins, trading 1,000 shares can give you from $1,000 to $3,000 a trade. Now that’s real money winning – you too can do this, but it’s going to take a lot of practice on your part learning to trade NEW SCHOOL.

It’s not going to be a cake walk, change can be challenging, as you know, but you are no longer learning on your own. You have me as your master coach to guide and empower you to get what you want and deserve.

Traders (investing, swing trading and day trading traders), YOU, need to completely transform your perspective with, and performance in, the stock market – for big money success. Those conversations have already begun by you in reading the content of my day trading blog / website, and the conversations we’ve had about you trading history and your potential for your day trading future.

You will be developing your day trading career and business for wealth building with me – to have everything you and those around you have ever wanted.

Working closely together, we can dramatically enhance your wealth building capacity, developing a lucrative day trading Career and a very profitable Business, allowing both coming alive with new and very rewarding (personal and financial) possibilities for day trading stocks.

Welcome aboard!



 I’m a believer. Your stock day trading calls are right on the money most of the time. In the beginning I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve got the best day trading coach on the planet. Thanks John. — John Flynn


John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trader (Day Trading Stocks) – Consultant / Coach

“John is a very inspirational stock coach, exceptional consultant and phenomenal change agent. I am absolutely honored to be working with John. John will be a great asset to your daytrading career as your stock coach. ”    Tabitha Vondro,


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