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John is knowledgeable, thought provoking, motivating and inspirational – no BS, no Hype day traidng servicee. Every trader can trust him for financial performance results. I do.”  David Lionel

The Day Trading WEALTH

Learning Program


Day Trading Stocks, with Day Trading Coach, John McLaughlin – Day Trade Stocks, NEW School

John McLaughlin, Stock Coach – Day Trading Coach

Day Trading SERVICES

Day Trading Stocks, NEW School

Day Trading Advice – CONSULTANT

Get on the winner’s track:

  • Day Trading new school,
  • Day Trading Systems
  • Day trading stocks – Strategies
  • Day Trader Power – Wealth Building

Day Trader Company – COACH

Regain – Confidence, Competence, Big Money Performance Results

  • Day Trading – Daytrading with a Master Coach
  • SCANNING – Day Trade Opportunities
  • CHARTING – see exactly what you need to win
  • Trade EXECUTION – in control, daytrading on your terms
  • LEARN – to Lose, to Win, then to Consistently Win
  • PRACTICE – to get to and stay on top of your trading game


Day Trading Services – ROOM

Be a wealth building winner – day trading stocks with your COACH:

  • Day Trade Calls$1-3 goal (@ 1,000 shares = $1,000 to $3,000 wins – stocks day trading),
  • Day Trade Guidance – timely entries/exits, optimize Winning,
  • Day Trade Execution – trade on your terms, in control, distress free.


For every day trader and investor:

How to Day Trade Stocks – NEW School

  • Focus on winning – not the money
  • Empowering relationship – with your coach
  • Environment – limit distractions, calm and trading power
  • Computer system – latency, speed, storage, tech support
  • Monitors – page layout, the 20% you need to win (absent the noise)
  • Windows power scan, chart, trade execution (absent the noise)
  • Day Trader Energy – energy / mood management for winning
  • Systemsconsulting, coaching, trading room, trade execution
  • Day Trading Strategies – winning, wealth building
  • Day Trading Room – calls, guidance, optimal winning (profitability)
  • Technical Analysis – charts, indicators, trickery

Day Trading Services

(Day Trading Stock)

“A Transformation in Trading” –

“A Game Changer

Let’s talk a bit about what distinguishes my consulting, coaching, and mentoring services from all the others.

Day Trader Consultant 

Day Trading Strategy


Daytrading consulting is about strategy – getting on a winning track, with winning day trading system that allows stock day traders to focus their energies and resources on winning, very effective day trading and very profitable winning.

Day Trader Coach =

Competence + Confidence + Results

Learning with a master day trader coach is about gaining the capacity and competence to perform at winning levels, again, very profitable levels of performance.

The focus working with a day trader coach is to gain confidence day trading, build competence daytrading, and achieve winning results in the day trading room, daytrading along with your coach.

Learning how to day trade with your day trader coach is about developing confidence, competence, to have outstanding performance results, and, for day traders working with me, that means focusing on WINNING, not the MONEY, with huge profitability and wealth building the potential results – stocks day trading.

Day Trader Mentor =

Day Trading Advice + Support

Daytrader mentoring is about providing daytrading guidance and support and helping daytraders take the next steps to learn how to day trade and start winning.

Mentoring is about asking tough questions, showing traders how the learning process works, and carefully guiding your to becoming a day trading winner.

Working with each person’s unique set of strengths, weaknesses and goals in mind, I will guide you from where you are to where you want to be — a consistently profitable winner.

My combined daytrading consulting, day trader coaching, and daytrader mentoring services will give you — the troubled investor, swing trader and day traders — an opportunity to turn around your trading from losing (and the mediocre profits, boring, break-even results, or losing big-time by bloowing out accounts) to consistently profitable winning.

It’s a daytrading relationship of give and take, where we both learn from and with each other, as we trade live, real time together.

It’s a high-quality, trust-rich relationship that allows for mutual learning, development, and wealth building.

My day trader consulting, coaching, and mentoring are a blend of valuable services for winners to learn how to day trade new school; for traders who aspire millionaire status wealth building.

When properly applied together, these day trader services can produce champions in any field of endeavor and for you and I, that’s means you becoming a champion in the art of daytrading stock online.

John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trader (Day Trading Stocks) – Consultant / Coach

at – Day Trading Blog

Day Trading Company


Day Trading Services – NEW School


World-Class – Day Trading Service


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John’s support is candid, yet captivating. I can’t wait to daytrade the next day with John, and celebrate the wins.”   Laurensia Jovita

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