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Day Trading Success, day trading stocks - NEW SCHOOL, best day trading coach, winner's day trading room - Opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands a year.

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Daytrader, Day Traders –  Losing vs. Winning



Daytrader – Shifting from Losing to Winning

Day Traders – success is all about you getting what you want – Big Money Winning – on your terms:

  • Developing a lucrative day trader Career

  • Developing a very profitable business – day trading stocks.

Earning thousands a day, hundreds of thousands a year is amazingly unbelievable – yet very doable, should you qualify to day trade with my consulting and coaching support.

Day Traders – Shift from Losing

to Consistently Profitable Winning

Who are all the daytrader losers? (98% of all traders!)

  • Repeat Losers – those who Crash (personally) & Burn (financially)profitable,
  • New Losers – those who “blow out” day trade accounts,
  • Bored day traders- those getting break-even results,
  • Ho-hum Income – those hopeful, but still not very profitable.

What it’s going to take for daytrader losers

to become big money winners?


More importantly, you need to know what’s it going to take for you to be a highly profitable winner?

How to Day Trade Stock

How to Become a big money daytrader Winner?


Allow me to give you my answer, as to what it’s going to take:

For – any loser to become a winner,

Then a consistently profitable winner

  • A winner’s trading system – winner’s Game,
  • A qualified, actively trading Consultant / Coach,
  • A Winner’s Day Trading Room, not a chat room,
  • Practice, practice, and, guess what daytraders? – more practice,
  • And more, but for now, these are the critical elements for daytrader winning.Let me guess what you’re thinking “I’ve tried them all and they don’t work.”Well hold onto your hat. You have not tried any of this stuff with this coachnew school (new perspective, new day trading systems, new day trading tactics, new day trading tricks, new day trading techniques – new secrets all comprising the new daytrader game.

Day Traders – To learn to day trade that well is for sure challenging,

obviously very rewarding (income potential = $300K+ a year),

but better than that – for every winning daytrader,

being on the winning side, it’s simply fun.


Learning (in any business), is always about:

  • Passion – being willing, sincere, and committed to success,
  • Trusting Relationships – with yourself and your coach,
  • Practice – to advance your daytrader confidence, competence, and financial results.

Daytraders – How to Consistently & Profitably Win

Okay, so what do you need—to become a consistently profitable winner?

  • Money – capital (risk, start-up, and career/business development) – well, that was obvious,
  • Winner’s Game – day trading strategies, tactics, execution tools – most are aware,
  • Stock Trading Systems — displace your old with new trading system – most not aware,
  • Practice – implement, develop confidence, competence, big money results – virtually non-existent,
  • A Consultant / Coach – to bring all the above to fruition = success

Let’s go for some details about:

Your trading with your consultant / coach,

and a bit more about relationships and winning.


Daytrader, day traders – Why a Trading Consultant?

  • Get the true trading picture – get on a winner’s trading track
  • Get trading success factors – what works, what doesn’t work for day traders to win
  • Get new trading options – daytrader challenges, issues, options
  • Get the winner’s daytrading game – see why you must displace the loser’s game
  • Trade with winners – in a winner’s day trading room

Day Traders – Why a Trading Coach?

  • Objective Observer — stay on a winner’s trading track
  • Guide — support, advice, energy
  • Learning — gain confidence, competence, and performance
  • Trade Opportunities — big money results

For Wealth Building day traders,

it’s all about Learning and Winning


Working with this day trading consultant/coach, you can instantly bridge the gap between the old and the new games of trading — so you can have the likelihood of developing a lucrative stock trading career, and a very profitable businessnow, not years from now.

Trading with this daytrader coach, first, you need to learn to lose (yes, lose), then you can gain competence to win more than you lose.

All the while, you’re seeking higher levels of daytrader confidence, competence and performance results – to soon become a consistently profitable day trading winner – a wealth building winner.

There is no end to learning in life – in relating, in serving, and in day trading stocks.

That’s the way it is with day traders – day trading stocks.

Furthermore, should you decide to stop learning, or you are prevented from learning somehow – physically, emotionally/mentally- your life can begin to feel empty and meaningless — the day traders game, even the big game of life – over.

Ask a person close to a friend who has been in a major accident, a war veteran, someone very depressed, or someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s the same with day trading.

When you decide your day trader learning is over, when you think you can continue your trading successfully, profitably without your consultant/coach right there to accelerate learning – your day trading performance excellence will likely fade rather quickly as you drift back to the noise and ineffective crowd thinking and — your day trading game will soon be over. Just like in sports – football, tennis, golf – no coach, no performance excellence, no world-class winning.

Don’t take my word for it.

Ask Tiger Woods… Ask Roger Federer…  Or ask the business masters like GE’s Jack Welch, or IBM’s Lou Gerstner, for examples.

So, if You Want to Be a daytrader Winner:

(If you want to get your wheels moving and day trading lights back on your wagon)

  • Change your day trading game to the one winning traders play
  • Daytrade with a qualified, actively trading consultant / coach
  • Get into a big money making daytrader learning program
  • Trade with your coach in a day winner’s trading room
  • Practice, with your coach at the ready — to develop confidence, competence, and big profit results.

Notable Quotables:

  • No winner makes it to the top of the game – on his or her own.

John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach

Like world-class athletes, executives, and politicians – day traders get to the top and stay on of their game with the help of a master consultant / coach.

Again, no one makes it on their own – there are no shortcuts – to learning, to winning, to profitability – to wealth building.

Nor are there are shortcuts to developing your daytrader career as a consistently profitable winner or in developing a very profitable trading business.

George E. Allen

  • “There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win.”

Les Brown

  • It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.

Bear Bryant

  • “Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”

Les Brown
  • “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Goethe, German Philosopher

  • “Virtue depends partly upon training and partly upon practice; you must learn first, and then strengthen your learning by action.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca — Roman Philosopher
  • “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”  “Winning is not a sometime thing; It’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time.”

Vince Lombardi
  • “Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.”

Bum Phillips


Learning to Win – Managing your Relationships

Relationships? Are you kidding me?

Not at all.

Managing your relationship with yourself – taking care of yourself, your energy, your mood, and your money, before, during, and after every trade, is going to be your greatest daytrading online challenge.

Trading well involves 50% attitude—50% aptitude. Managing yourself has to do with managing your energy, your mood – your attitude.

Learning to manage your trading energy and mood, believe it or not, is far more important than managing your money. This is not just my experience and opinion; this is the way it is for winners, in this or any other business.

Ask any successful person you know and you will get the same answer – if you fail to take care of yourself, you will fail – in business, in any sport, and in any relationship.

Just look at the failure rates in business, in sports, and in relationships (marriage) in this country. We are talking 50% success rates at best, with day traders it’s 2% at best – as they are misguided and manipulated at every level of day trading.

Managing your relationship with your coach-  in taking care of your trading career development together — maintaining your sincerity, respect, and trust in this relationship is critical for success.

Managing Daytrader Relationships

Why is it so important to maintain empowering relationships with mutual trust and respect?

  • To learn to better manage who you are—before, during, and after you trade.

  • Daytraders learn to win, then learn to consistently win with your coach.

  • Daytrader capacity, both personally and professionally, to consistently & profitably win

I’m talking about relating and trading at levels of competence and effectiveness you have may not have experience before in any business, in any career, or in any of your relationships – ever.

As you learn to relate well with yourself and my, should I become your daytrader coach, for your trading career success, you will naturally carry this competence forward to the benefit of all your relationships – now, the past, and in the future.

Think about that – any relationship can be empowered in working with me.

What’s that worth to your trading career – to your life?


People will sense a different listener in you, a listener more in a mood of wonder, rather than having all the answers and useless judgments.

Important people will be more willing to “dance” with you in their relationship with you, perhaps, for the first time ever.

I know, I know – you can do this already yes? Right –  just like you can trade as a consistently profitable winner already.

Yes, as you change/learn to win as a day trader, you can change, improve as a person for your own benefit and for the benefit of everyone you come in contact with — relate with right now, forever.

It’s hard to believe that learning to trade well, relate well (with yourself and your coach), will alter the way you relate with family, friends, and business people.

It’s true.

You’ll see.

Day Traders – All Your Relationships Will Improve

That’s the added, cost-free benefit of developing your trading career and business with me.

“How can you say that?”

Well, think about it.

As you learn to trade well, you will discover that your focus must be on relating and winning — in the moment – without fixating on all your financial expectations (the money), without having to know everything in advance (forecasting), and without the excess bias of trying to know everything you can before, during and after trading (with far less arrogance).

When you learn to do this well as a daytrader, you will do so, likewise, in all your relationships – naturally/effortlessly.

Wouldn’t that be nice — wouldn’t that be valuable?

Every Day Trader, all Day Traders – Take Charge!


Stop Losing Thousands a Trade – Start Winning Thousands a trade – with your Day Trading Coach


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