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Stock Market Day Trading - Earn Thousands a Trade, Hundreds of Thousands a year potential - in the Winner's Day Trading Room

How can I Develop a Big Money

Stock Market Day Trading – Business?


Your Day Trading Business – may be Killing You!

Well, that was blunt; allow me to explain.

Most traders (day trading business) practices (long held beliefs, rules, and habits) are killing them – both personally (suffering) + financially (big money losses).

My guess, this may be your curse, or you wouldn’t be visiting this day trading stocks website.

Your focus on money and forecasting – when you should be focused on winning , real-time (in the moment) day trading – may be nothing more than a distraction, causing you to be disgruntled loser.


There are 3 types of loser traders:

  • So-so income – give or take, $50K to $75K/year
  • Bored, Break-Even traders, and
  • Battered, Beaten, blow-Out account after account, (like I over a decade back).

When you deduct your time (before, during, and after market hours), at let’s say $50/hour,

all three are Losers.


Discover why Focusing on a money only (get rich quick) + forecasting (predicting)

are your primary sources of Losing.


You will learn more about changing this perspective (habits), what causes you to be a loser, and what it will take to become a big money winner – read on.

My suggestion – read and then reread every word on this page – as it’s all about Who?


Day Trader Arrogance

Thinking you can somehow predict/forecast everything, with a sense of certainty (arrogance), based, of course, on your day trading learning history (what you have learned as a trader from books, courses, whatever) is at the core of every unpleasant, big money loss that sets you up for pain and suffering.

It’s called day trading stocks, OLD School.

Applying what you know from your experience (what you learned over the years of practice in any non-trading business) to your day trading business, doesn’t work very well either, does it? No, the rules for traditional business success will, for sure, get you in trouble stock market day trading.

Sorry, but that’s the new reality of day trading stock. Traditional business practices and OLD-School day stock trading practices won’t work for you to become a big money winner.

The day trading games are very different now than they used to be, several years ago, back when your day trading books were written, and most of the day trader courses you can take now, were created – and worked – but they no longer, as you’ve discovered – again, they can get you killed, both emotionally (suffering) + financially (big money losing).

Day trading strategies, day trading systems, day trading rules, trade execution techniques (habits) have all changed – in favor of the 2% winners, no longer in your favor (98% of all traders) – no longer useful for day trading losers, to become winners.

You probably know that the focus on money and forecasting in any area of your life, particularly your relationships, are at the source of all breakups.  Arrogance is at the source of all stagnant businesses, and any of the losing day trading systems (games) you’ve tried till now – agree?

Again, engaging a loser’s day trading system (the obsolete day trading game, learned from daytrading books and daytrade courses) isn’t helping you much either, is it?

Playing the wrong day trading game, trading OLD School, is actually more of a problem than being obsessed with money and forecasting.

Here’s what you must remember to be successful in the stock market day trading business – traditional business practices (strategy, tactics, rules, winning and losing habits) simply don’t work very well while trading financial instruments – particularly while day trading stocks.

What do day traders really need?

A NEW School – Day Trading Stock Business


Big Money Winning!


And for that to ever happen,

Investors and Daytraders need to CHANGE



The Day Trading WEALTH

Learning program


Our Three New Day Trading Systems:

1. Winner’s stock market day trading SYSTEMS

2. The best day trading COACH

3. The Winner’s day trading ROOM




Traditional – Business


Our Winner’s Day Trading – Business


“What’s the Difference between Running

A Traditional business


A Day Trading Stock – Business?”


Traditional business is primarily about innovating and delivering world-class products and services — in a market (local or global) of unlimited people you can reason and negotiate with – that when done well (you sell and service better than the competition), a traditional business can succeed.

A day stock trading business is very different but far less complex, in contrast to any non stock trading business.

The trading market, that seems complex and hard to figure out, is quite simple and much narrower in scope (than any other businesses) – buyers and sellers in unified, regulated stock markets. 

Day Trading – Business:

There are no customers or clients (aside from yourself and your coach – if you had one) and you answer to no one but yourself, while day trading stocks.

The trading markets are beyond your control. They’re global markets comprised of endless variations of computers and software systems – some used for winning, most used for losing.

The winners I focus on are the 2% big money traders who continuously redesign their proprietary trading software for one purpose only – to take out the little guy, I call it Kill, 98% of all the other loser traders – me several years ago, and, I bet – you right now.

In effect, these smart money, market and stock price movers, are driven by their killing game – using their unique trading software to trade off exactly what the losing traders rely on – their knowledge, their trading orders (buy, sell, stops, targets), all your technical indicators – a big money game designed and then redesigned again, to do one thing well – to take you out.

Now you know why you get slammed — over and over again, at just the right moment of vulnerability.

Losers, blind to this or who ignore these facts, trade at peril. Sound like you?

These are the differences between traditional business strategy and your day trading strategies – big differences, distinctions that you must learn about and accept to make big money in the day trading stocks business.

You gaze at monitors, wiggle your mouse, and tap your keyboard endlessly as you trade.

Your day trading stock business world is, in essence, in just a few hundred square feet of space where you do your thing with your computer and software, also possible sources of your losing so much.

The last distinction, actually the advantage of having a trading business: No employees, No inventory, No meetings, No travel, and No collections.


Stock Market Day Trading Distinctions:

External to you, there is price balance or imbalance that presents great day trading opportunities — if you know what’s needed to win and what to look for to win – that’s why, like any world-class athlete learning to win – you need the best day trading coach – a master coach. (Certainly not another book or a coach that wrote the book who claims to be a coach, but is simply a teacher of the contents of his book – in disguise. That you don’t need.

Simple and challenging, yes?

Now here’s what you need to know about day trading failure.

There are 3 primary reasons for failing in the day trading business:

1. Insufficient capital (under $75K – Optimally about $250K),

2. Taking too long to become profitable (day trading on your own, without the best day trading coach).

3. Obsolete Game (day trading OLD-school) – you have lots of experience trading old school (with obsolete day trading strategies, day trading systems, picks of the day, indicators, day trading rules), but, none, trading NEW School – with the exception of technical analysis, reading charts, and that get most in trouble as well.

Lacking adequate capital is the primary reason for trader failure. You cannot learn in a mood of scarcity. Simply never works – that’s a huge distraction.

Most losing traders think all they need is a $25K stock broker account, a new computer, a monitor(s) then they can just go for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Day traders need 3 types of Capital:

1. Obviously, you need risk capital.

(I recommend a minimum of $50K trading 100 shares, $100K with 500 shares, and $150K+ with 1,000 shares.

2. Learning capital – that’s my Trading WEALTH learning program fee.

3. Start-up capital – for full-time traders, living expenses, overhead, trading tools, enhancements, and funds you need to learn to lose, learn to win, then learn to consistently and profitably win.

And let’s get straight, up front, all day traders hit the wall; that is, they lose money, and, without a coach, they can lose big money fast.

In 6 months or less, you won’t need anything but time and practice, with me as your coach – for what you really want, wealth building.


Day Trading Stocks –

With a Loser’s Day Trading System

The Loser’s Day Trading Game

Trading with losers in a loser’s trading game isn’t helping you much either, is it?

Again, playing the wrong game, any game losers play, is actually more of a problem than being obsessed with money and forecasting.

At least with the money focus you could get lucky, in spite of yourself.

Not if you play the old-school day trading game, with obsolete day trading strategies, tactics, and tools. (Slim chance of becoming a winner without a winner’s day trading system, a winner’s day trading game.)

Trading with the crowd, with the crowd – 98% of all losers, is like playing against Tiger Woods with a tennis racket.

Your Problem?

It’s your day trading game, stupid! (No disrespect intended.)

Day trading these days, with obsolete day trading rules hasn’t worked for you for months, for many, years – and will eventually drive you insane, as well, straight to the poor house – if it hasn’t come close to that for you already.

Fact is you won’t make much money, if any, over the long haul, but you will get killed emotionally.

Remember, your brain does not at all like losing.

Losing frequently and long enough, your brain will decide it’s had enough losing and quit on you – what’s that called? Oh yah – Depression!

I think I recall that a few years back, when I got my butt kicked losing several hundred thousand dollars in less than a year of arrogant, reckless trading.

Now we don’t want any more of that for you, do we?


A few Critical Elements – for Trading Success:

1. A winner’s day trading System (GAME)

2. The best day trading COACH

3. A Focus on WINNING (not the Money)

4. Trade with winners – in a winner’s  day Trading ROOM

Success = New School, Trading Systems


The Best Day Trading Coach,

A Master Day Trading Coach


Contrary to what most traders do in the long run (losing), becoming a winning day trader is rather simple in concept but challenging in practice – to become a successful, big money day trading winner, that is.

Day trading has never been easier with regard to the tools, as technology has leveled the playing field between the amateurs and the big money winning pros.

Once you adopt the day Trading WEALTH competence, you will be eliminating your world of distractions (we will silence the noise, distractions), including the chatter going on in your head, so you know exactly what you need to do to win, big money win, wealth building winning.

Your daytrading success surely and amazingly happens only by trading with winners in a winners day trading game with a qualified consultant / coach — just as success is achieved with all champion athletes, executives, and political figures seeking mojo winning results – with the best consultant / coach.

Yes, just like champion athletes, CEOs leading world class businesses, they all work with a world-class consultant/coach, every step of the way to success, as well, to maintain that success – to sustain peak performance, at the top of their game.

For us, it’s a CEO level income game – with the potential to earn hundreds of thousands a year, but it will take patience, change, and hard work called practice.



Day Traders – Learning to Consistently & ProfitablyWin 

The primary challenge is to become a successfully day trader – learning to trade well, to become a consistently profitable winner.

Learning is all about change, dramatic change, change in both how you think and how you act; change what you think are your strong and weak habits — how you execute stock trades, every trading day.

Thus, most day traders remain losers, unless they allow a major intervention for learning, for Winning = change to NEW School perspective, trade execution skills, and maintaining distraction free commitment and passion for learning to win, big money winning, wealth building winning.

Do you want to be successful, day trading stocks?

Do you want to be a big money winner?

Then, you don’t have much of a choice – Change your Game.

You must change your losing ways, change your day trading game, from old  to new, from obsolete to innovative – daytrading with the best day trading coach, a Master day trading – to help you get it all done right the first time, in the shortest time possible.

Like all professionals who want fast, dramatic, results – producing change, you get yourself the best professional help – not a blow-hard, with get rich quick schemes.

That’s what day Trading WEALTH is all about.

Call me for your free day trader consultation ($500 value) – so you can explore your day trade career and business possibilities with my help – for free.



Big Money – Day Trader Winning


Stock Market Day Trading – Wealth Building


Changing your loser’s game to the winners game, raising your levels of competence and performance results are possible, no matter your day trading, investing, or swing trading experience – no matter the financial instrument you’ve traded.

And, you will not gain the day trading success you dream of – on your own.

Learning to perform masterfully doesn’t work that way, and I think, with all the trading experiences you’ve had up to now, we can readily agree, yes?

It doesn’t work in business, nor politics, nor sports, nor any other professional games, like the game of daytrading stocks.


While  day trading, you have no products – You have no services to offer.

Success depends on you— your energy, managing your emotions, sustaining your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your trading coach at top levels of integrity and authenticity – for your ability to find and execute stock trades with a very profitable level of success – virtually effortlessly, intuitively.

Success is all about playing a winner’s daytrading game, developing high levels of confidence & competence playing this game, and having a consultant/coach to help you make this happen – make this all happen relatively quickly and profitably.

On purpose, for your benefit, I’m repeating myself – notice.

Remember, all learning happens with recurrence – hearing and doing over and over – not through teaching and memorization, the old modality, pervasive in our educational systems and all the trading courses available.


Day Trading Stocks – What’s Missing?

Change !

for Real Success

Change and success are a work in process and progress.

Our Process – your Progress, toward Big Money Winning.


Your decision to change how you daytrade can happen instantly, or it will happen eventually, over time, or it may never happen at all – your choice. That’s why there is no guarantees in life or learning daytrade with me as your coach. Everyone is different – for some learning to be a big money winner is like rolling off a log, for others I feel like a dentist pulling teeth to effect change.

Given what you’ve read so far on this page and other valuable pages on my Website, it’s likely that you are ripe for change – to get exactly what you want and deserve. Rather than put up with more losing and the resulting suffering you have been experiencing, for far too long, you have decisions to make.

Get more of the same – or change – with my day trading help.

You can change on your own, which doesn’t happen very often with hundreds, maybe thousands of traders who come my way for help, or you and I can talk about working together to get what you want, and then some.

I (obviously) recommend the latter – for you to get exactly what you want, now, and 6 months, compared to what it takes to make CEO income, in any other industry, will be like a flash in the master chef’s pan.

Read all the important pages on my site again and maybe again. You’ve got to understand what you have been repeating to you – that “losing is no longer acceptable and I must end it, right now.”

Let your decision to change happen, whenever it happens – you can make it happen, this very moment.

Let your path to success reveal itself with or without my help — as you digest what you need to know — to address the present and future of your trading career.

Do not put up with losing one more trading day.

As a loser, don’t take your time – or stop day trading, stop losing – now!

Get my help now.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

For investors and swing traders – same.

Trust how lousy you feel about losing, just about everything you’ve read on the Web that repeatedly fails to work, and who you need to talk to for you to make a complete turnaround daytrading, from losing to consistently profitable winning – me, at your side!

Just know that being a day trade loser is no longer an option for you.

Tell yourself – losing is a state that you will never put up with again. Losing sucks – don’t put up with it any more.

Above all, trust that you will not find your way as a successful trader – on your own, or by ingesting more of the endless, distracting crap, found all over the internet.

Of all your jobs, all the careers you’ve had in your lifetime, this may be your last career, so get it right this time, before losing gets you.

This is an exciting adventure you must choose for yourself.
Trust me, trust Trading WEALTH, trust how you feel about trading with me and your possibilities for

personal and professional growth and success.


Then, when I trust that you qualify, you’re in.


You see, I don’t want clients who will continue to be losers with me, for whatever reasons, unknown. Having a loser, a trader who fails to learn to win, in the day trading room is just too distracting.

Think – “what do I need to do to have a very profitable day trading business?”

Then give me a call: 949-218-4114


© Copyright Day Traders Win, John McLaughlin 2012


Reproduction without permission or without referencing your source

( —John McLaughlin, is strictly prohibited.






Take Charge!  


Develop a lucrative stock trading Career, In just 6 months!



 Develop a very profitable Day Trading Business,


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