Day Trading System

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Day Trading System for Big Money WINNING - Never be Financially Vulnerable Again! Day trading systems that work - stock day trading system for Wealth building.

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Day Trading System – for Day Trading Stocks



How’s your Day Trading Systems?

Like most losing traders – Old-School, ObsoleteDead-ended?


What used to work, no longer works – let’s take a look.


There are 10 Key Factors the separate

OLd school from NEW school – day trading stock


  1. Attitude / Mood – Old-School: Arrogance, Greed;     New: School: Humility, Observer
  2. Expectations –       Old: Get Rich;                                      New: Winning,
  3. Capital –                  Old: $5K to $35K;                              New: $75K minimal, $250K optimal,
  4. Context –                Old: endless Research (Noise);      New: Trade what you See
  5. Focus –                    Old: Money / Chatter;                      New: Learning / Winning
  6. Risks –                     Old: Maximum;                                   New: Minimum
  7. Passion –                Old: Tips / Picks of the Day;            New: Price Tension / Tricksters
  8. Traders –                Old: 98% Losers;                                New: 2% Winners
  9. Holding Period –  Old: Hours/Days;                               New: Seconds / Minutes
  10. Goal/Trade –         Old: Less than $1.00 a trade;         New: $1.00 to $3.00 a trade

    What’s your day trading system?

    Here’s the point – stop blaming yourself for losing (blowing out accounts, break even results, or not making big money day trading stocks). It’s the obsolete day trading systems at the source of your losing – not YOU.

    Stop Losing Thousands a Trade

    Start Winning Thousands a Trade

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John McLaughlin, Day Trader (Day Trading Stocks) – Consultant / Coach


Helping online trading losers (troublesome, dissatisfied, not profitable traders,
and bored traders) become consistently profitable stock trading winners, so
they can earn thousands a day, day trading stocks.

Formerly an executive consultant / coach / mentor- over 25 years helping CEOs
and other senior managers develop and energize their businesses, careers, and
relationships – within the banking, real estate, insurance, and high-tech industries.

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Your Day Trading Systems – Take Charge!

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Your Day Trading Systems – Time for Change

Develop a Very Profitable stock trading Business



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