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Day Trading Tips for NEW SCHOOL day trading stocks. Learn to Earn Thousands a Day, Hundreds of Thousands a year with your master Coach.

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Nasdaq to Open 4am Eastern?

My Comment:

Can you believe these guys?

Article Excerpts:

“The exchange said it plans soon to start processing trades at 4 a.m.”

“The earlier start at Nasdaq, the second-largest U.S. stock exchange operator by market share, follows struggles for the industry amid declining trading volumes and increased competition by upstarts and brokerages that match up trades internally.”

“Nasdaq plans to make the change no earlier than March 18, it said in a notice to customers. The change is subject to Securities and Exchange Commission approval.”

“NYSE’s Arca exchange sees an average 35 million shares change hands in its pre-market session, a spokesman said. So far this month, an average of 663.1 million shares have traded on Arca during the regular session each day, according to BATS data.”

Nasdaq open 4am?


What next? Saturday, Sunday, and holiday trading?

Level the playing field first, then monkey with the trading times.

John McLaughlin, StockCoach


Day Trading on a Treadmill – I don’t think so?

Day Trading on a Treadmill– Photo Credit: The Wall Street Journal –

Since John Osborn, CEO of advertising firm BBDO, got a treadmill desk last year, his usage fell from 80% to 10% of his day.

“When John Osborn’s treadmill desk arrived in his corner office last August, the New York CEO of advertising firm BBDO spent nearly 80% of the day working while walking. But soon colleagues began pointing out rampant misspellings in his emails. “You quickly realize how difficult it is to type anything longer than a sentence,” he says. And while he had hoped to drop some weight, he found that after a few weeks, his appetite increased. “The big joke around here was I got the treadmill desk and I put on 6 pounds,” Mr. Osborn says.”

“The products come with health-boosting claims such as relieving lower back pain or stimulating blood flow to the brain. Ergonomic specialists cite injury risks. User complaints include lower back pain. Employers are just beginning to deal with issues of hygiene, etiquette and liability.”

“And a 2009 study from the University of Tennessee, with 20 participants, found that treadmill walking resulted in an up to 11% deterioration in fine motor skills like mouse clicking, and dragging and dropping, as well in as cognitive functions like math-problem solving.”

What do you think?

I love it and a few feet away from my computer, a similar setup for reading though. I can’t see myself using a computer for day trading stocks with one of these rigs.




For those who like to take weekend day trading and investing courses

“Eyal Shahar knows the sting of losing big in the markets.

Askein of unlikely events transformed him into …the founder and president of the Irvine-based Online Trading Academy…where novice investors learn the intricacies of the global financial markets.”

“In 2001, while slogging through the aftermath of the dot-com bust, he shifted the focus entirely to teaching.”

Article Tab: online-israeli-stocks-eya

Credit: Cindy Yamanaka, The Orange County Register


Eyal Shahar, a former Israeli intelligence officer,created and runs Online Trading Academy,an Irvine firm that teaches people how to trade stocks online.

 “Eyal knows the sting of losing big in the markets. ..he had developed what he says are powerful techniques for taming the fickleness that had once done him in – strategies that he felt were marketable and perhaps important for helping others avoid the pitfalls of trading”

“The soft-spoken, bespectacled Shahar, who has a habit of hugging rather than shaking hands, makes the bold claim that his methods pay off if traders are disciplined enough to employ them properly.”

“It has nothing to do with gambling or ‘Let’s try this to see if it will work,’” Shahar says. “It’s all very specific, rule-based strategies. It’s very systematic.”

Which does not mean it’s simple, he adds.” “There are nuances to grasp and countless judgments to be made in the ever-shifting, real-time markets. “There’s room for interpretations and it takes time to understand exactly how to do this. But it’s very, very systematic and it’s relatively predictable.”

My comments:  Check out the article – very interesting for newbie and seasoned traders alike. You’ll love reading about his student’s success stories.

You’ll read about change and challenge.

OTC helps investors and day traders with a unique perspective on the markets and stocks.

Unlike online Web-based courses, his program is engaged on site on weekends, making his approach for learning convenient – more hands on and real. More about Day Trading…click this link.


Trading Brokerages – Why they Shrink and Go Out of Business!

Traders Magazine Online News, December 27, 2012 John D’Antona Jr.

“A three-year decline in trading volume and investors’ continued migration to computer-driven and algorithmic trading may mean the end of an iconic fixture on Wall Street: the small brokerage firm.”

“…the relentless forces of dropping trading volume, especially in U.S. equities, and the loss of business to more popular electronic trading platforms have contributed to the continual grinding down of firms’ capital base, choking off many of these smaller firms.”

“The average daily volume for U.S. equities has fallen 36 percent since 2009, and volume hit just 6 billion shares traded in the third quarter, the lowest level since the onset of the financial crisis.”

“Worse yet from the brokers’ perspective is the toll all this is taking on commissions. Indeed, the average fee to trade a share of stock fell 31 percent over the past three years, according to Investment Technology Group.”

“It is definitely a challenge for some of the smaller brokerages, especially those without the scale to get them through the tougher times,” said Packy Jones, chairman of JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC, a brokerage based in Westlake Village, Calif.

Packy Jones

Packy Jones


  My comments:

Volume may be down, but as long as companies have stocks there will always be opportunities to day trade individual stocks for big money wins.

The key is learning to trade the new day trading game, but not on your own.

You need a NEW School day trading coach.

As far as investing is concerned, that game, in my opinion, carries with it unacceptable risks – particularly risk of major price action against your position, while holding overnight.

This is when any number of market, news, company performance changes, and big money trading tricksters can pop the price against you 5%, 10%, 20%, seemingly in a flash, no matter your stops, especially your stops getting triggered post normal market hours, or get jumped over completely – getting you killed, when least expected.

Don’t even think of holding past 4 pm! Read more: Day Trading for a Living


Timely Trading Sprees

The Wall Street Journal – Thursday, December 6, 2012


Window Dressing-Wall Street Journal

Source: WSJ analysis of stock prices S&P Capital IQ<1eight_Mary Schapiro, speaking about securities fraud in general, said in an Oct. 11 speech that the regulator is “using newly developed analytics to identify suspicious trading patterns and relationships among multiple traders and across multiple securities.”

“According to SEC filings and the managers, none of these firms have reported selling any Iridex shares since that day. James Mackaness, Iridex’s chief financial officer, said in an email that he is “not aware of anything” that could explain the jump in price on June.”

“A stock jump on the final day of a measurement period can boost a money manager’s fees. Hedge funds typically collect annual fees equivalent to 2% of total assets and 20% of profits.”

“Regulators and industry experts say a fund that already has a substantial holding in a small stock can drive up the value of its entire position by purchasing as few as 100 additional shares at a premium to their market price in the final moments of trading at the end of a measurement period.

“That can be enough to boost the entire fund’s performance for the month, quarter or year—potentially attracting performance-chasing investors.”


Source: WSJ_More Info: More Info: Day Trading Stocks

My Comment:

And you thought your using a money manager was a sure thing.

Learn to trade you own risk capital; then you know what’s real, have full or near control, with Wealth Building the final prize.

But not on your own. Never trade stocks or play world-class sports without your coach!


Stocks End Higher after Fiscal Cliff report” confident they can reach a deal with President Obama to head off the “fiscal cliff” and the risk of a new recession. Investor concern that Obama and Congress won’t reach a deal on how to cut the budget deficit has caused a sell-off in stocks since Election Day.”

Source: Seth Wenig AP<1eight_<pight “It’s a good start . . . the fact that they were all standing together,” said Ben Schwartz, the chief market strategist at Lightspeed Financial, a New York-based broker. “House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell both said they offered higher tax revenue as part of a deal. Boehner said he outlined a framework that is consistent with Obama’s call for a “balanced” approach of both higher revenue and spending cuts.” My comments – Day Trading Tips: Wow, that’s a switch – do I hear the tone of cooperation? My guess, if the congress and the president “work together”, we could have a deal in a couple week. Should they want the thrash it out to the end game (the Jan 1 2013 deadline), that could set up picture of a lack of cooperation for another four year.  Bu, can you imagine what it would be like for our politicians to be focused on problem solving, local and abroad, vs. endless problem making, in the political rhelm.


Day Trading Volume Remains Low_Tom Steinhert-Threlkeld Data compiled by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association showed U.S. equity trading volume at the exchanges is down 21.5 percent from where it was in September 2011. Year over year, the New York Stock Exchange is off 30.9 percent, Nasdaq down 9.7 percent, Direct Edge is 17.5 percent lower and BATS down 21.0 percent.

Day Trading Tips - Day Trading Volume off 10 to 20% last year
And the Winner is……

Tips for Winning at Day Trading

More about online day trading tools and tips To become a successful day or Intraday trader you need certain tools and couple of disciplines to follow. It is impossible to succeed at trading without implementing successful strategies. You have to study about the market.… Trend Following in Day Trading Profitable Trading Tips A common means of making a profit from the price movement of equities is trend following in day trading. The rationale behind trend following in day trading is that during a relatively short time frame a trader can buy into a.… Online Financial Trading 4 Tips For Starting Out Day traders begin with a plan to develop strategies and simply learn the business while preparing for a hot career. Online Financial Trading 4 Tips For Starting Out. July 31st 4 33 pm by Brett Chatz This post is also available in Italian.… Profitable Day Trading Strategies Profitable Trading Tips This can be one of the most profitable day trading strategies in competent hands. An interesting sidelight is the relationship between trading volume and Google trends It turns out that many investors tip their hand so to speak.… Blog Post page coming


Trader Psychology Affects the Stock Market

Orion Jones
Day Trader Psychology – while Day Trading Stocks

by Orion Jones,   June 10, 2012  My introduction to this article on trader psychology: Given all the hype about changing a trader’s psychology, as if that were at all possible for this stubborn/arrogant set, to improve performance results. Here we have a more useful interpretation of what can really be going on, for the trader and the markets, when traders Win, in the game of day trading stocks. Well, let’s say another interpretation.

Tightrope Trader - the Balancing Act of Day Trading Stocks
Day Trading Stocks – Old School vs. New School – your choice.

 Photo credit:“What’s the Latest Development?” “Researchers from Cambridge University, England, have found that market traders experience a significant rise in testosterone levels when faced with the prospect of making above-average profits.” “A surge of testosterone in the body also changes how the brain evaluates risk, making traders more likely to take bigger gambles, resulting in an unstable marketplace with more frequent booms and busts.” “For the trader this is a moment of transformation, what the French since the Middle Ages have called ‘the hour between dog and wolf.'”

“What’s the Big Idea?” “By better understanding human physiology, we will gain a more complete picture of what causes market crashes and be better prepared to prevent them in the future.” “Understanding the effects of human biology on the markets should profoundly change how we see them, and their pathologies,” said John Coates, a research fellow at Cambridge University and a former derivatives trader. “Risk management needs to dampen these biological waves, not amplify them.” One solution Coates proposes is to encourage banks to hire more women, who produce less testosterone than men.”My observations – John McLaughlin, StockCoach:<1h3ight_More: Day Trading Coach at (non-client site) (mobile site)

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